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eirin for pc98yuuka!


eirin for pc98yuuka!

Call for RPs

Oddly enough, despite this still being more or less my main RP blog I’ve dried up on replies to do. As far as I’m concerned the ones from the past two weeks have concluded, leaving me with a few that I am still owed:

However, I’m posting this to just let everyone know that now would be a great time to get in on some Eirin action if you’ve ever been tempted to do so. Just inbox me if you want to work something out.

nocameranocares saidShe’s even polite, still saying “thanks”.

I like it even more now.

So I was perusing pixiv and came across this set of artwork (also the source of this post, coincidentally) in which they have a reaction image meme done for Eirin. In particular, they had these two at the end.

In front of something/one she likes

In front of something/one she dislikes

This greatly amused me for various reasons as my own depiction of Eirin is very much one to wear false smiles when she dislikes something, and made me like the artist quite a bit.



"Noted. I won’t rush things, I’ll keep to my bed for a few days, to allow it to heal, I won’t mind that for a few days, I already know that I’m not working for a period of time. I won’t even be on my feet as much as I normally would be. It’s better for me to listen to your advice, and make sure it gets healed the right way, within the length of time it takes to do so.Normally I could have just used magic or my own powers to fix it, but I didn’t want to risk any harm to my child by doing physical changes to my body, even if it’s just my knees."

"Very well. If you are amenable to simply following my directions then I can write down the instructions for you to follow daily. The wounds will need to be cleaned and wrapped regularly and I will provide the medicine as I stated. I can even provide some braces that should help take the weight off your knees once you start moving around more. For future reference a simple healing factor probably would not harm your child, but if you wish to be safe rather than risk even the smallest margin of error then that is certainly your right as an expecting mother." Eirin glanced down and began writing immediately. "If there is nothing else then I will take a few minutes to write your instructions clearly and then you can be on your way."

That's good, Eirin~ ^^


"Is that all that you had to say? Honestly I am far too busy to have people simply dropping in to greet me every hour of the day. Either have specific business when you come or simply assume that I am doing fine without taking time from my day to check."


“But my head hurts, and my face is leaking gross shit from my nose, and my eyes are watery and itchy! I’m dying I just know it!”

"You are sick, not dying. I knew that it was not uncommon for pseudo-immortals to be melodramatic but please, Miss Annette, you are being utterly ridiculous. It appears to be the common cold and nothing more. Unfortunately you have somehow gotten sick out of season so it may take me a day or two to synthesize the correct vaccine for whatever strain you have; but in the mean time drink plenty of fluids, get some rest, and try not to overreact."

An Operation a Decade Overdue



Reimu took a seat, and braced for Eirin’s work.

What Eirin would find is that while the residual energy was negligible, the physical trauma was quite extensive. A combination of burn scars and laceration scars went down not only partially into windpipe, but down her esophagus too.

~One transition later~

With the surgery complete, Reimu now awaited something important.


After such an operation, she obviously wouldn’t be able to eat normally, and she needs to hear if there’s any post-operation medications or whatnot. She needed to know what lifestyle changes were necessary so she could inform her maid. She didn’t want any complications either.

"I imagine that you are ready to make your way home, yes?" Eirin spoke as she entered the room, still clearing herself of some of the surgical garb. It was good to see Reimu alert already after the anesthetic had worn off. "Well then I will be providing you with some medicine and some liquid diet supplements for the coming two weeks. Rather than take your time up further here I will simply include thorough directions in the packet. After two weeks you should be able to start eating solid food again, but you will need to continue with the medicine for a month. I would ask that you come to visit after two weeks at least in order to ascertain your progress. I would not attempt to talk for at least three weeks, and even then I would keep it to a whisper until you no longer need the medicine. Is all of that clear, Miss Reimu?"



"Wait..With this help, I can be walking again within a few days of treatment? No set backs? Actually normal walking? I won’t be feeling that much pressure down there as I walk?"Koakuma had hoped that it wouldn’t be long before she could walk on her feet again, sure, she wouldn’t mind taking a short length of time out."If that is the case, then that is great news! I’ll accept that in a heartbeat, I mean, realistically, I won’t be working for a month anyway, so it’ll also give me a good long rest as well. I’ll be back before I know it!"

"Well, assuming that you are able to take full bedrest for a few days then you should be able to start walking unaided. However, your legs will probably feel some weakness and subtle pain for a weak or two until the recovery is complete. We can work out the specifics a little more in a moment, but as long as you tend to them carefully after the primary treatment then you should have no significant problems."