Eirin's Office


" ..A refuge for deities and youkai ? I never knew that such a place existed.. " Tsukuyõmi replied to the fellow Lunarian ,

"And yet it does, thanks to the meddling of one very particular youkai who wished to preserve her kind. This realm is similar to the one that you came from, but the realm of humans on this side is far from it. It is full of technology and disbelief, a toxic environment for youkai who live by fear and superstition." The doctor tapped her foot lightly, studying the wolf even now. "We can continue this discussion inside if you prefer, rather than standing in the moonlight. Or perhaps you would enjoy this just as well."

Takako RP @ Lunariansage


Takako clenched her teeth slightly, “Was born like that,” she said simply really not wanting to mention or really think about her species. Though as well her life spent living in a city mostly populated by Oni meant that she would avoid lying as it sometimes meant the difference between life and death. So after a few seconds she expanded on her words “… I am a Sankai Youkai… You know, the youkai who are born from humans who didn’t take care of their children while they were pregnant with them! That’s why my organs don’t work., my whore of a mother killed me once with her drugs and alcohol and worse!”

By the time she ended her explanation her voice had raised into a full yell and she looked as if the slightest reason would drive her to attack. A second after she finished talking and after she had realized what she most likely looked like she looked away with a hint of embarrassment over herself while squeezing her blade like it was a stress toy. She was trying to hide that since she was told to be respectful to people she wanted help from.

"I see, a Sankai." Eirin spoke with a flat tone in reply to the girl’s anger. There was no real indication that she was at all concerned with Takako’s volume or violence. Neither had she seemed surprised at the sudden escalation. "Well one might suggest that you do not necessarily need the use of your organs if your passing was the trigger of your transition to become a youkai. Still, the properties of such individuals can be subject to change, so internal issues can definitely be incumbent from the process. I imagine you know all of this anyway."

The doctor took a moment to shrug her shoulders. “So the issue is that your failing internal organs are due to your very nature. That in itself is unfortunate, but I can likely do a little better for you than just alleviating your pains if you would be interested in pursuing some other options. It would certainly be better than the state that you are in right now.”


She simply let herself be escorted through the mansion and to their destination, her pace slow. Once outside, Kaguya let herself take a deep breath, and glanced at Eirin with the same pleasant smile she had had until up now.


“I’m not feeling picky today, so I’ll leave both those things up to you. If you want to drink something, I’ll be more than glad to join you.”

"Not picky today? Well then might I suggest the north side of the building? There will be a little more shade to offer there at least. Some tea would be refreshing as well, so I will have it brought."

The tempo of Eirin’s steps changed for a brief moment before continuing forward, leading Kaguya along the side of the house. Once there she slowed to a stop to help Kaguya lower to sit. “Which side of the house seems like a trifling matter, hm? Regardless of the small details, a thousand years are worth the small moments.”




"Oh, always so thoughtful~" The princess’ first instinct as Eirin approached was to lightly grab onto her arm, her grin wide and her voice chipper, as it was usual in the pharmacist’s presence— whenever she wasn’t complaining, that is. "Fresh air is always good, so the veranda sounds like a nice place."

"Very well, fresh air it is. Please allow me to escort you then." The words weren’t necessary given the position they were already in, and the grip on Eirin’s arm was entirely expected as she escorted Kaguya out toward the long porch that stretched around Eientei. "Just let me know where out here you wish to sit this time. Shall I call for some tea or drinks, or are you comfortable as it is?"


"Your presence is far from troubling, Eirin! I know you’ve been busy, so that does sound good. Besides, I’m so bored I could die. Figuratively speaking."

"Splendid!" chimed the doctor as she approached the princess. "Well then, shall we? Do you have a preference between speaking out on the veranda or in the clinic or bath or any other particular room? We can certainly find as comfortable a place as you wish in order to pass the time."



“Painting one yen coins with nail polish has proven itself to not be very productive, but all my loose change is pink and shiny now. So that’s good.”


"Well it is a colorful application of your resources if nothing else, Kaguya. Might I trouble you for a short piece of your time? I simply feel that I owe you a little leisure time together at this point."

"Ei~rin. Some grayface left a weird police box in my room last night, and it's still there. It's making the place feel really cramped!"


"A police box, you say? And it simply appeared there? Hmm… well I apologize that it has inconvenienced you for this length of time without drawing my attention properly, Princess. I will set up the necessary seals necessary to move it outside safely. Unfortunately I have the feeling that we cannot simply lift and move it normally. Nevertheless, I will have it out of your way by the time you retire to bed tonight."


Title: rkgkArtist: 甜@マイピク募集中
The artist’s permission was obtained prior to posting this work.


Title: rkgk
Artist: 甜@マイピク募集中

  • The artist’s permission was obtained prior to posting this work.