Eirin's Office



"My eyes? Oh, you mean from the incident with Eientei? I think it’s over with."

Nope. Actually, it act like a split personality for the half ghost. She doesn’t know it but at times it take over her conscious, causing her to have an extremely strong urge to use her Roukanken and Hakurouken. Usually one can tell when it occur from her eyes changing to red. But at other times, it cause without the eyes color change.

"I see. Well if they do end up giving you any further trouble then please do not hesitate to let us know here. We can arrange for a proper treatment for you quite quickly, I imagine." It was somewhat their own fault that Youmu had ended up in that state, after all. Under most circumstances, Reisen would have received a scolding, but that time had been defending the hall as requested.

"And your mistress? I take it that all is well with her also?"

A Shrine Maiden’s Checkup


Reimu’s not so sure of that…but she’ll keep that to herself. She just hopes she doesn’t have to explain what she did before she was injured.


Let’s see, pen and paper aaand…

Smoke inhalation from burning buildings and…creatures. Piece of metal was a fragment of tank armour loosed from the shell in its destruction, handled by someone with bad intent. Magical burns were done separately afterwards, to make sure I suffered.

Reimu’s hand is over her throat, massaging it in discomfort. Not physical discomfort though, she just doesn’t like thinking about the moments before the injury.

I do not think there is anything still lodged in there, I have never had any sensation of anything still being in there.

A drawn out sigh emerged from the doctor’s lips as she leaned back in her chair, hand coming up to rub the sides of her forehead in some mixture of aggravation and contemplation. Truly this was not a preferable situation that Reimu was relating to her, and the fact that the damage seemed so old posed an entire set of problems on its own.

"So the damage was all caused separately, though all contribute to the same problem. Very well, then. I imagine that each will have to be addressed individually, though some things can be done for both of the physical damage aspects at once. It is certainly a problem with some complexity to it."

The doctor paused, hands coming down in front of her to bridge her fingers and direct a thoughtful gaze to the girl across from her. “That is, if I assume correctly that you wish to regain your voice if possible. I have had a patient not unlike yourself before who did not care to regain it once she had lost it, so it is good for me to confirm this with you before we proceed any farther. I will warn you that the process will likely not be an immediate or easy one, and surgery will most likely be required.”



"Another full moon… you know, I’m actually getting used to this." Though that might be partly due to the fact that she has plans every full moon now.

A relaxing night with Eirin, of course.

Well it’s certainly one of the highlights of each month for her as well.

You are betrayed by someone close to you, what do you do?



"I am sorry, anon, but I really would not know that from any first-hand experience. If anything it was I who betrayed the person who had grown closest to me. If I were to extrapolate from that, though… to be the traitor already felt as if I ripped my heart from my chest and trampled it underfoot. I cannot imagine the pain that it would cause me… that it caused her… to be the recipient of such a terrible thing."

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The low hum of electronics and pulse engines filled the cabin of the gunship as it propelled itself through the dark vacuum of space. There were rarely any great sources of sound on the longer voyages, but the pilot of the craft was used to the quiet ambiance. A row of sensors lit up, indicating the arrival in the sector that navigation had set. It would be another half hour to reach the planet itself and to reduce speed to atmosphere-safe levels, but that provided enough time for the general pre-mission checklist.


"Adam, please start an audio log," she requested calmly.

"Going to talk to yourself again? came the mechanical reply. Even for imprinting the personality of her commander onto her ship, the sarcasm was a little strong. Interesting just how much it had developed in the past months.

Still, it amused her somewhat. That was whenever it did not aggravate her at the computer’s bossy nature, at least. “You know I like to keep track of things. At least it’s better than a brief-debrief.” 

"Very well." A click sounded in the cabin as the comm unit was tuned. "Log #122, Galactic Calendar Date ███-████. Current location: Bes Alpha System. You may begin.

The bounty hunter cleared her throat before starting. “I’ve been hired by a mining firm to track down a despot presumably operating off of Bes II. Our old GF database records indicate a wide habitable range on the starward side of the planet, but otherwise most planets in the system are too cold to sustain standard humanoid life. Further reports indicate that the primary species in the system are cooperative with the Federation and proud to be described as such. If only all systems were as welcoming.”

The Hunter shifted in her chair as she looked over some of the information Adam brought up on the panels before her. Maps, blueprints, tribal leaders, and technology dossiers. “I knew a good man from a moon of Bes III once. Far more honorable than most humans I have met, for sure. I can only hope that the rest of the system welcomes me with the same dignity.”

"We’re approaching an orbital mining surveillance platform. We’ve been requested to land prior to proceeding to any other planet in the system." Her monologue was interrupted by the voice of her ship. "We don’t have much time until we dock so I’ll remind you of the mission protocols. This is a non-combat mission except for the direct retrieval of the insurgent Coronus. He has been known to hurt civilians in his demonstrations, so you will likely find a good amount of support for your presence in bringing him in. Your Varia Suit protocols have been uploaded to account for the climate. The time interval for the bonus on the posted bounty is minus fifty hours from arrival in the system. Any objections, Lady?"

That never failed to bring a slight smile from the bounty hunter as her suit enveloped her in the seat. At this point it was like slipping into the most familiar outfit that she had ever known.


"None. It’s never as simple as it sounds, but let’s see what we can do."


Spinning and spinning around the chair goes, its occupant curled up neatly in the seat. With each turn some new confection was snatched from the great piles around him. Sugar to give the brain energy as he kept spinning around.

Spinning like the earth on its axis. Spinning like the mind of a criminal on their fixation. Now, that wasn’t a fair assumption was it? Spinning like the mind of anyone on their fixation. Yes, that was right.

Because what was criminal profiling? People liked to think that it was an attempt to find psychosis or something that made a criminal different. ‘What makes them think the way that they do?’ In reality, though, it was an attempt to find their fixation and what about it made a criminal resort to crime. Indeed, any normal person could be a criminal if presented with the option and a good enough vindication or reason.

This case, though… in this case the reason was abundantly clear. He didn’t need a profile on this mass murderer. He knew it all to well. In fact, he was 99% sure of who it was, too. It was all too clear. The killer thought himself too smart to be caught. Of course that would lead to mistakes. They were abundant, much like the sugar crumbs stuck on his thumb that he began to lick off.


"The problem is proving it… hnn? Remove the 1% of doubt and find the truth." A pregnant pause for contemplation as the chair’s spinning slowed to a stop, then the man spoke up again, "They should be lemon cakes next time."



You are a character of moderate popularity in a webcomic of historic popularity that people either seem to love or hate. There is no middle ground. You in particular consider yourself one of the more sane members of your increasingly insane friends and acquaintances that make up the cast of said webcomic. On this particular day you are-

"I Would Prefer To Have No Part In This"

Ahem, well it’s just for a single post. Anyway you are-

"I Dont Care"
"If You Want Someone To Bother Then Go Find Sollux Or Eridan Or Something"
"They Are Just As Suitable For Your Writing"
"I Heard Those Two Are A Sprite Now Actually"

Yes well I just wanted to get through one post and-


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✍ Let's see if I will be surprised, oh great dark.


You want a surprise?

Clanging metal rose over the shouts and grunts of the two figures entwined in combat. Half a dozen others stood around, idly watching the combat. However, anyone could see that it was terribly one-sided as the challenger was beaten back time and time again. Even the shining armor that he had once sported had been slowly chipped down to where it barely served a purpose now. As for his opponent, she wore little more than training garb. However, her blows came aggressive and strong.


"Stop holding back! Do you think that I can’t tell? There is no conviction in your attacks!" She roared as her swing smashed his sword aside and out of his hands, causing the man to fall to his hands and knees. "Grab your sword and fight! You came here to ‘slay me’, was it? If so, then show some spine."

The man simply raised his hands sheepishly as he sat on his knees. “I did, yes, but it seems that I was no match at all. Ehe, the dragon tribe is truly fearsome, more than I had ever thought. It seems that I’ve lost, so you can take your prize.”

Granberia twitched, glare angled at the man who seemed far too happy about losing. It was true that combat brought out other desires in her, but what she had just partaken in was an insult. She had seen some desperate humans play this game before. “Hmph,” she shouldered her blade and turned away, muscular tail whipping around to smash the man’s side with a sickening crunch. He slid several feet to the side and lay there wheezing, desperate for breath in his collapsed lung. “I have no interest in men who cannot match me, and even less in men who make light of battle. You can die right there.”