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Storm Warning and a Plauge


Wearily, and only half-lucid, he swallows and tries again… “Die Jungfrau des Heiligtums … Reimu … Flüchtlinge des Feuers … ein plauge … wir Hilfe brauchen …”

Well, it seemed he DID speak clearly… but he reverted to German for some reason.

He probably lost more blood and exerted himself more than first presumed… The real question would be if she would understand him: German is a very prevalent language in medical practice and study, and Dr. Yagokoro is a genius, but it likely isn’t a common language in Gensokyo otherwise…

Further inspection of the man would show signs of dehydration, overexertion, blood loss, sleep deprivation, blood loss, and massive bruising and superficial gashes on his person… along with signs of many, many similar pre-existing scars over much of his body.

The words took Eirin by surprise for several seconds as she had to quickly readjust to determine what was just said. It was certainly not something that she had expected to hear spoken aloud at any time, much less while she was in Gensokyo.

"…Deutsch?” she muttered to herself as she set about working on the wounds. Whatever had brought this man here, he was tremendously far from home, and while she would certainly normally try to oblige his language of choice, the news that he had relayed indicated to Eirin that it was far more important that he be stabilized and that she make her way to the shrine as soon as possible. He had understood her words earlier, so hopefully he would continue to do so.

"I will see to it that the shrine is examined quickly. In the mean time I need to see that you are tended to. My assistant should be able to help once we get you into a room, and I will visitMiss Reimu as soon as possible. For now you may rest."


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A game of shogi at Eientei. By fuurin.


A game of shogi at Eientei. By fuurin.

A Meeting of the Minds


The knock echoed throughout the library, telling Patchouli that her guest had arrived; the door had been enchanted specifically to produce that effect. It wasn’t an enchantment that Patchouli usually kept active, as most of the visitors to the library were residents of the Mansion and had reason and every right to come and go as they pleased, and so had no need to ask for admittance. Others, such as Cirno, simply entered directly from outside.

Today, though, was different, as Eirin was not a regular visitor. And, as Patchouli had feared, she was on the other side of the library when Eirin arrived.

Whispering a quick spell, the mage levitated and rocketed up over the chasm that was the Voile. During her century-long illness and residence in Gensokyo, necessity had demanded that she become a very good flyer, both to dodge bullets and to move her weakened body about. Her recovered health let her walk again, but she hadn’t let that keep her from continuing to master flight.

She reached the apex of her arc and began to come down. She approached her landing spot, on top of a large bookshelf. As she came in contact with it, a magic circle opened and she launched forward again. This was enough to take her all the way to her destination: the main library entrance.

She arrived right as Sophia was opening the door to let Eirin into the library. The devil bowed to the Lunarian, and Patchouli landed. She brought herself up, and then gave the doctor a courtesy.

"Lady Yagokoro, welcome to my library," she said. "I am honored to have you here."

Eirin was not left waiting long in the hallway, though she did not really expect to, as the door soon opened to reveal the library’s master greeting her. The greeting, however, was indeed outside of her expectations. Despite what little she knew of Patchouli’s history, the doctor had almost anticipated a much more casual affair than the woman’s mannerisms implied.

There was also the matter of Patchouli’s clothes settling into place from movement more rapid than the graceful pose. Eirin could only imagine that she had hurried to the door, despite showing precious little sign of haste otherwise. That information was not particularly relevant, but it did give the doctor the impression that her presence was more readily anticipated than she had first imagined. In the end she returned the curtsey with her own low bow.

"Trust me in saying that I am honored to be hosted in such a way, Miss Patchouli. It truly has been some time in the making to arrive here, and I am glad that we were able to arrange it." Despite Eirin’s predisposition to a casual visit, she had admittedly observed at least one formality in her preparations. As she straightened she reached into the bag at her side and took hold of something that she soon brought forth.

"It is my understanding of western houses that one does not entreat the presence of another without some sort of small token, so I have brought you this. It is a primer on youkai physiology and anatomy, covering the common types in Gensokyo as well as a few more rare individuals. I developed it in order to properly train some of the rabbits and my assistant, so I took the liberty of making a copy of the manuscript to bring to you as well. It is not a thing of great impact, but at the very least I could surmise that you would not already have one." Despite Eirin calling it a primer, the bound paper pamphlet that she extended was of reasonable thickness. With a slight smile she added, "beyond that, I am subject to your whim."


Tears flowed once more from Reimu’s eyes, but this time there was a smile accompanying them. She’d did it, she’d kept as many refugees as possible alive until Eirin’s arrival. She couldn’t save all of them, but she did her very best, and now the doctor was here.

With these thoughts, Reimu finally let herself relax. The illness, the exhaustion both mental and psycical, and the gravity of the whole situation catching up with her… as she passed into a coma.

Eirin sighed as she put the girl to rest for the time being. It seemed that exhaustion was Reimu’s biggest problem right now, as opposed to whatever sickness had grasped her. Some bed rest would keep her just fine until they could get the cure produced.

The doctor moved smoothly into another region of the shrine, finding the massive amounts of makeshift futons with sickly bodies within. “I really do think someone should have told me sooner… but that cannot be helped now.” She knelt down next to the nearest two patients, observing them calmly and checking their vitals.

"Udonge, can you hear me?" She spoke openly into the quiet room, receiving some murmurs back from the bedridden patients. That was not what she was listening for, though. "Ah, good girl. Listen carefully now. There is an outbreak of infectious disease with the most notable symptoms being similar to a Helicobacter pylori infection, but they are running a high fever as well, and there seems to be a strong cough associated.” A pause as she covered the patient back up. “Yes, that is a good assessment and almost certainly the case. Please start work on the medicine as I return so that we can start distributing as soon as possible.” … “Dozens at least. I have not checked all of the rooms yet. Just get started and we can work from there.”

The Lunarian soon left the shrine, but a few short hours later she returned with a case of medication in tow and began to distribute it as she could among the sick. There would be some recovery work to be done, of course, but by the end of the day the majority of the patients would likely be out of danger.


It’s been beyond twenty-four hours, and at this point is when Reimu’s willpower starts to chisel away. She can hold the illness back no longer, and it starts to ravage her form.


It starts with the ulcers, the painful swelling within the gut slowly bleeding into the stomach contents. Her shortness of breath causes her to cough every now and then, and she often vomits when this happens. Her chin and cheeks are now a bloody mess. Luckily, if you could say that, her stomach contents are only going the one direction for now.

The real danger is her mental state, Delerium, poor eyesight, and depression can wreak havoc on emotional stability. Given too long, Reimu may…give up.

"Miss Reimu." And there was the doctor, entering without knocking and at a fairly rapid pace. Within moments her satchel was set aside and she was on her knees next to the girl, checking her pulse with one hand while the other slipped under the damp rag to feel of her forehead. It was alarming just how poorly the girl seemed to be progressing, but not nearly as distressing that it had taken so long for someone to inform her. "You really should have sent someone sooner."

The hands shifted now, the doctor taking the towel and rinsing it in the nearby basin before slowly working to wipe the stains off of the shrine maiden’s face. Keen eyes moved across the girl, checking breathing and body condition and so on as she tended to Reimu’s needs. “I see… well, I will need to check some of the other patients, but I think that I have in mind what needs to be done. You have done well up to this point, Miss Reimu, so please rest now and save your strength while I take over.”

A hawk lands at Eirin's window, holding a letter in its beak. Unfolding it, it reads as follows: Lots of refugees at Hakurei Shrine. All sick. Even the miko is sick. They need medicine and care. Help.

"Ah, so there is this too. It would have been nice to have some more information, but for now I suppose we will just have to see what there is to be done."

Storm Warning and a Plauge

For the last day or so, the weather over the Bamboo Forest had been unusually Stormy… as if a great force had been laying siege against it. The sounds of combat and feral Youkai hunting… something… had been echoing and mixing with their pained yelps and angry cries of frustration for the better part of many hours.

All that while, the storm above them only grew and frothed more, darkening the sky and showering the area with waves of deafening thunder and massive lightning arcs, looking less like a cloud than an aspect of a deity’s wrath…

…Until finally, as the skies managed to calm down, and the sounds of youkai running were fading with a whimper or a blood oath here and there, everything was quiet…

…well, almost… An impressively muscular young man around 6.5 feet tall, covered with many bleeding wounds and old scars alike, manages to drag himself onto the steps of Eintei another hour later.

He’s weary and losing blood slowly, but he’s still moving… muttering breathily and woozily about a doctor, a disease, refugees, a shrine, and a maiden…

"What is this, then?" came the voice of the doctor emerging from the clinic to find the man. The rabbits had certainly been punctual in denoting his arrival, and one could only imagine what had happened to him just prior.

It had been an interesting few days, to say the least, with the reports of heightened feral youkai activity on the edges of the forest. Generally the rabbits’ traps were enough to deter the wild beasts from ever entering the bamboo groves, so it was a wonder as to what they were after. The inaba had quite easily kept their distance, remaining safe despite the circumstances, but the down side was that precious little information had reached Eientei as of late.

And here came this man and his nonsensical mutterings. Perhaps he could illuminate the matter some, but first it was important to get him into a bed and tend to his wounds. A few hard taps of her boot on the wooden deck summoned a stretcher borne by rabbits to pull the man inside. They could get him situated and stable, at least. “Do try to calm down and speak clearly. I can barely understand you.”